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Destination.Golf selected AY Digital to bring their dream project to life. They wanted to become the definitive golf, luxury-booking site for international travelers and the digital partner and face of all the golf resorts around the world.
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Destination.Golf trusted us to

Shape their business, build their website and develop their communication strategy with consumers and resorts.

We completed a working demo of the final Destination.Golf website with advanced search features for consumers and beautiful, richly detailed and e-commerce ready profiles for resorts.
We also helped curate the Golf Media Network (GMN) - a collection of top media properties with an ideal viewership for Destination.Golf and their partner resorts. We are working with them to design and develop high-quality, impactful ads for their partners that will be featured across the GMN.
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We developed a leads funnel and created and have just begun implementing an email outreach program for Destination.Golf to identify and contact the top golf resorts. We’ve worked closely with the Destination.Golf team to

train them in presenting the website
and the gmn to prospective partners.

We worked with Destination.Golf to create a website that would hold the user’s interest by focusing on and presenting high-quality in simple, beautiful ways. With images that span the entire screen and a powerful search mechanic that takes into account the desires and behaviors of golfers,

not only did we make the site functional,
we made it powerful.

We took this same approach of substance and elegance when fine-tuning the technologies around the Golf Media Network. With the GMN, Destination.Golf can easily adjust their media buys to the desired target audience of each individual resort, generate real-time reports and optimize on the fly creating a unique and unprecedented offering in the travel sector.

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