Gypsy Kiss Fragrance

Transformed a Product
into a Conversation Piece

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What we did

Engagement + Empowerment

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We partnered with Gypsy Kiss to transform their unknown fragrance into a spokesperson for modern hippies. We created a brand that was an authority on the Gypsy lifestyle and spoke to the beliefs, values and behavior of its target audience through social media content, advertising, influencers and events.
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We brought together 50,000 modern hippies on Facebook and had them, and many other Gypsy Girls engaging with us across Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram - comments, likes and contests.

The community grew quickly. In just three months,

we went from an unknown
product to a cult brand.

On top of the

50,000+ Gypsy Girls on social media,
we sent thousands to

– the hub for all social content, exploration of the essence of the fragrance and online storefront for Gypsy Kiss. We designed and developed the website to engage users in the hippie lifestyle by tapping into and exploring bohemian culture, hippie youth, adventurous women and the wanderer in us all. 

Before creating the social platforms for Gypsy Kiss, we did thorough research into the online behaviors of their target audience. What we found was that modern hippies have taken to social media to express themselves. They post often about what their passion is and build their profiles to reflect their aspirations and core beliefs.

We knew then that we had to speak with them

Authentically, openly and freely
across all social networks.

Website Preview

During our research, we discovered the percentage of online purchases of fragrances was growing among women 17-24, but was still substantially lower than the majority of other beauty products sold online.

This lead us to approaching the website
in a radically new way.

We brought a larger focus to the ingredients and different notes of the fragrance with beautiful composite photography and descriptive language that not only painted a word-picture, but also conjured an arresting scent.

An Enchanting Scent of Spirited Freshness

With a touch of whimsy and a hint of wild adventure, the playful combination of notes bloom with an energy and a vivacious sense of life.

Opening with an enticing blend of juicy green apple and dewy jasmine petals, Gypsy Kiss weaves fresh vibrancy with a twist of tender vanilla orchid.

A signature essence... infused with the allure of the path less traveled.

The Work
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