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Munch Ado partnered with us to get their idea for a new online food search/ordering/reservation startup off the ground. We worked closely with them to refine their vision, define their audience and solidify their brand across social media, a custom media network, the mind of the consumer and the food discovery platform we helped create – and the Munch Ado App.
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In our research, we found that Munch Ado's target audience, millennials, were the least receptive generation to traditional marketing and sales tactics. This lead us to a brand voice that, acts as a peer is entertaining, and above all else, never speaks down or at, instead of with, consumers.

The Dot Com Philosophy

We worked with Munch Ado to give life to the website through beautiful design incorporating custom food photography and a brand voice that echoes the behavior of their target audience, entertains its users and informs through unparalleled content.

The Website content surpassed the industry standard in its infancy and now accommodates detailed, custom profiles for thousands of restaurants in New York City enabled for online ordering and reservations.

Munch Ado users, Munchers, also have their own profiles where they can track past orders, write reviews, earn loyalty points and connect with friends.


We helped Munch Ado to carefully construct and curate their social accounts. With unique and growing audiences on the major social platforms, we established Munch Ado as the definitive voice in food for millennials through content, advertising, influencer partnerships and event planning.
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The Reach

The Munch Ado Media Network amplifies the Munch Ado message and consists of 150+ food and entertainment related websites and a community of food-focused bloggers in NYC. Not only were we able to use our network to bolster Munch Ado's presence in the mind of their digitally driven audience, but we also made it available to the restaurants they partnered with to help grow their businesses as well.

The App

In partnering with Munch Ado, we took on their fundamental goal of "making food fun again" and saw an opportunity to take the entire dining experience not only online, but with us wherever we go. The Munch Ado App dramatically expands on the social features of and further delivers on the promise of making food fun again. With foodie challenges to unlock behavior specific rewards and an always-on feed of the food you and your friends have been ordering, reserving eating and heads-over-heels loving.


Endless Discovery

Our behavioral research on millennials brought about one of the most unique features of discovery. We found that they browse more than any other generation and that they hate having to make decisions, especially in food. By opening up Munch Ado to browsing, and allowing a decision on delivery, takeout or reservation to take place at anytime, even after search, we could leverage the content to hold the attention and interest of millennials. Endless Discovery Icon Endless Discovery Icon Endless Discovery Icon

Searching for...

When we partnered with Munch Ado, we studied the online food industry and found that outside of real-life word-of-mouth, most people don't know how to find restaurants and the Internet had been failing to help. The number one food related search query for the last 10 years has been "Restaurants/Food Near Me." Along with this, we found that the main contradiction present in the industry is that people know what they like, but not where to eat. We created custom "foodie filters" to help users narrow down the hundreds or thousands of results they could get for a simple search, to five or ten on a refined search.
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The Always-On Brand

We took Munch Ado through an extensive branding process that consisted of two name changes, three hundred logo designs and countless hours or research on their industry and their consumers. The result is a living brand. One that moves across social platforms, the internet and the world the way its audience does - uniquely, purposefully and with more than its fair share of sarcastic wit and self-awareness.

The Restaurant Partner

Early in the process, we saw an opportunity for Munch Ado to stand as a true partner of restaurants. We created restaurant features inside like only allowing verified reviews from people who have ordered delivery or takeout or made a reservation through Munch Ado and the ability for owners to reply to any reviews. Beyond, we studied the staggering 33% closure rate of restaurants nationwide and wanted to help Munch Ado create security for restaurants through targeted advertising and ongoing communication offerings, now restaurants can find new customers and work to retain them with Munch Ado.
The Work