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We partnered with skyn ICELAND to optimize their online presence, the performance of their website, social media and digital marketing across the board and to solidify their brand.
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Skyn ICELAND’s website now appears on the first page of most anti-stress beauty product results on Google and other search engines enforcing their position as the only cosmetics line dedicated to Solutions for Stressed Skin™.

The social accounts for skyn ICELAND are performing better than ever with a growing and more engaged user base across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Traffic and revenue on also grew through targeted email marketing campaigns including product spotlights and exclusive promotions.

When we analyzed skyn ICELAND’s social accounts, we created a content strategy to appeal to a slightly younger demographic they were unaware were interested in their brand. This shift in strategy came with a larger focus on lifestyle over selling and self-congratulatory posts, which were getting very little engagement.

In our experience and research in the fashion and beauty industry, we’ve seen a shift of consumer interest away from Facebook and to Instagram. With an Instagram first strategy, we worked with skyn ICELAND to deliver a consistent experience with custom photography and

content that spoke to the values of the brand and the behavior of its followers.

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